Sketchbook Sunday #2 – Heads and hairstyles

Just one lonely page today. I’m  obviously fond of drawing heads, hair and faces, and I very seldom finish a characters body. Should perhaps do something about that, heh… The first two sketches at the top are supposed to be the same character. She’s actually a redrawn version of this minuscule ink-drawing I did a while ago (image below).

Also, the character in the lower left area is a slightly different version. I wanted to draw the same character with a different facial expression and a different hat, but I think she turned out to be way too different. My guess is that it’s the eyes fault… Originally they were big and round, and it’s a big leap from big eyes to half-closed, almond shaped eyes. Anyhow, I think I like the concept of this hat-wearing, energetic-looking girl, so I might make a name for her and put her into a story. Maybe….

Lastly, the guy is inspired by my buddy. Well, the hair, mustache and some of the beard is, he doesn’t really look that stern and annoyed.

Sorry for the bad image quality, these photos were kind of taken in a rush, and to top it off I’ve got sparse lighting at my desk. I could certainly have scanned the pages, but my scanner/printer combo tends to ruin pencils and make jagged lines in everything else…

Sketchbook sunday #1 – Style sample

So yeah, in an effort to make myself post more often on this blog, I’m going to start doing a weekly “Sketchbook Sunday”. Which means I will be posting one or more pages from one of my various sketcbooks, commenting on the things I’ve drawn.

The first one, which i drew some time ago, was done with a 0.3 mechanical pencil. Quite nifty for small details and drawing small (it’s possible to click the image for a larger view). I wanted to make some unique characters, and tried to make them distinguishable by making their physique different (also their clothing and facial expression of course).  I don’t think I succeeded to degree I would like, much because I tend to draw slender figures, and both female and male characters seem to share the same body type, heh.

So this is a page where I’ve drawn a simple character with a certain head shape and hairdo. To the upper right is a few different expressions, where I’ve tried to keep the facial characteristics the same. There’s even one where he’s donned a mask and a goatee… wait, is that really supposed to be the same character? I’m not sure really, heh. I’m kinda pleased with the two faces at the bottom right (I’ve even inked them, which in most cases is a good sign). Oh yeah, please Ignore the awkward fella holding a phone to his ear (I fail at gestures and people holding props). Lastly, the guy in the fancy green cardigan and blue tie is somewhat of a stylized self-portrait, and was colored with Promarkers. Speaking of Promarkers… They tend to bleed through the paper in this sketcbook (it’s a Daler Rowney Cachet, 178 x 254 mm “Studio Sketch” type), so lately I’ve rarely used them. But, being the paper geek I am, I’ve of course acquired a pair of bleedproff marker pads.

What do you think? If you’ve got a few thoughts on my style and would like to submit them in the comment section, that would be very much appreciated. See you around!