Sketchbook Sunday #10 – Morgan, redrawn

You might have seen this character before… I decided it was time to redraw him and make the character design more solid. By the way, yes, this post is a day late. I drew this late in the evening yesterday, and I didn’t feel like rushing the scanning and writeup late at night.

The last time I drew this guy, I called him Cedric Morgan. I’m guessing he’s a villain-type character. His clothes are supposed to be inspired by steampunk fashion (I don’t know how well I did though). Leave a comment if you’ve got suggestions for which details I could add in future iterations.

This is done on a A4 sheet of regular copying paper. I used my weapons of choice as of late, the Mitsubishi Uni Pin fineliners, varying mostly between sizes 0.1 and 0.3 (I think), and the super thin 0.05 for minute details. I also used a brush pen for the bold outlining of the entire character.