Fanart friday – Brave

I watched the 2,5 minute long movie clip of Brave that was released yesterday. A lot of people were talking about it on Twitter, and there was much excitement. The clip was very funny and quite gorgeous. Guess what happened afterwards…

Yep, I drew some fan art of Merida! Now, I might have gone just a bit overboard with the curly hair… but it was fun to draw, and it just… grew. This is an in progress shot before I colored it. On a side note, I’m not at all steady with watercolors. I see I’ve still got a lot to learn.

I’m a very big fan of stuff made by Disney / Pixar, and I’m very happy that their lineup of enjoyable movies is growing steadily. The character designs and environments in the Brave trailers look great, so I’m very much looking forward to watch this movie.