How to catch a crane fly

True story. I tried to form a cage with one hand, but I was afraid I was going to squish it or rip its legs off, so I had to let it go again. When I had finally opened the window, I couldn’t find the bug anywhere. It was kinda stupid of the crane fly to go and hide like that. Being politely shown the way out to live free would’ve been a better option than flying around in a small apartment, right?

Sunday Sketchbook #24 – Free pizza!

The other day, my girlfriend, our friend and I ordered take-out pizzas at a nearby pizza-place. After phoning in the order, I started sketching this little character while we waited for 20 minutes before going to get our pizzas.

As we arrived at the pizza place about half an hour after ordering, which was when they said it would be ready, there were already a lot of people waiting for their take-out. It was a very busy afternoon, and the staff seemed a bit stressed out. We ended up waiting for another half an hour, and when we finally recieved our order, they said it was free! In fact, several other people got their orders for free because they all had to wait for so long.

So, we got two pizzas for free, which was excellent! But I felt sorry for the people working there for not having enough production capacity. Anyhow, I finished this drawing the following day, and thought it would be fitting for a “Sketchbook Sunday”. What do you think? Should I color it traditionally with markers, or should I practice digital coloring? If you have got any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section!

Procrastination times three

I realise that I didn’t draw anything at all last week and the week before that. Sure, I’ve been thinking about it and getting small ideas for mini-comics, but I don’t think I actually grabbed a pencil and sat down to sketch before last Saturday. There are a lot of random reasons for this surprising lack of creativity, and here are some of them.

First of all, I tried Minecraft for the first time. For a few days, I sat for 3-4 hours in a row, mining, building and exploring. The thing which was the most fun (besides learning how the game mechanics worked) was discovering the vast possibilities of the sandbox world. I started an ambitious project which involved creating a lot of powered train rails and building long, aerial railways. But I soon lost interest, which I think might be a good thing. I mean, I will probably visit the Minecraft world again sometime soon, and see what more I can do to make it awesome, but for now, I’m not totally hooked.

Secondly, my iMac has been making a buzzing noise when I use it for a longer periods of time, and I’m afraid to make it worse. I should’ve contacted support and gotten it fixed, but I’ve been procrastinating. Instead, I’ve just used my laptop on a lapdesk, which places me away from the desk, and thus away from my sketchbooks and supplies. It’s weird how I haven’t bothered to get away from my laptop to draw… But I suppose it’s connected to the final point on this list…

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube. And I really mean a lot! There seems to always be 20+ videos in the Watch Later-playlist, and I spend a significant amount of hours during the weekend to catch up. I subscribe to so many YouTubers, and there are new, interesting and/or entertaining videos to watch every day. Every day!

Maybe I’m just writing this as an excuse for being lazy, I don’t know. However, I would like to think of it as reflect ons on how I can stay on top of things and get more time to draw and create. In short – I’m not going to get hooked on Minecraft. I should get my computer fixed ASAP. Lastly, I should at least try to limit how much time I spend on YouTube.

At least I made the illustration of myself in Minecraft as I was writing this post. That should count as an end to my drawing hiatus… right?