Summer shopping watercolor painting

Shopping watercolor

The result of a shopping trip where my goal was to get some new shirts and underwear. I’d say it was a success. In addition to everyday clothes, I got a hold of a white dress shirt and a fancy purple bow tie. The latter was pushed into my hands by my girlfriend as she spoke the words ‘You have to buy this’. I can’t say that I wanted to protest her suggestion, because purple is awesome.

I’ve been doing mostly simple pencil drawings and digital stuff lately, so I decided to change it up a little bit by using traditional watercolors. It’s not quite a journal comic (even though this post is in the Journal comics category), but it’s pretty close since it’s so personal in a way. I’m really putting my boxers on display here, but hey… It’s just a simple, painted representation of… my underwear.

Bonus doodle! I painted this skater girl too. It’s not much, but I wasn’t quite ready to stop painting after finishing the above. I had had a lot of coffee in the evening before I worked on this, so I just happened to stay awake a until past twelve at night, painting with watercolors. As one does.Skatergirl Doodle

A bunch of caricatures

As promised, here are all of the caricatures/characters that I made last weekend. It’s the first time I’ve drawn this many different characters in one go, so I think it will be easy to spot where I’ve made mistakes and rushed the coloring process. Even so, I’m pretty happy with most of them, and I think they were mostly well recieved.

The caricatures were based on a short description of their personality. They’re basically vastly different Christian stereotypes, portrayed in a fun and humorous way. I’ve translated their descriptive names from Norwegian based on my subjective interpretation of them, so keep in mind that some people might want to interpret them differently (Norwegian names are included in the parenthesis).

As always, I’m open for comments and art related criticism. I’m constantly trying to improve my art skills, so feel free to leave your comment below.


The ex-political activist (Liksomraddisen)


The cultured guy (Kulturisten)


The tolerant (Den tolerante kristne)


The spiritually inclined (Den åndelig åpne kristne)


The includer (Den inkluderende kristne)


The handyman (Praktikeren)


The chronic pessimist (Kristen-pessimisten)


The modern missionary (Den kulturelt bevisste menighetsplanter)


The chronic optimist (Kristen-optimisten)


The close-but-not-quite Catholic (Halv-katolikken)


The eager Israel-fan (Israel-fanatikeren)

A bunch of caricatures – Preview

I was pretty busy this weekend, as I was drawing and coloring no less than eleven characters for a semi-large project. The drawings will be published on a double page spread in the Dagen newspaper this coming Saturday (June 22nd, 2013). Therefore, I can’t show all of them here just now, but I’ll give you a sneak peek at this one that I liked a lot.


Every character has his own personality, and this guy is something of an ex-environmental activist that happens to be richer than he’d like to admit. Needless to say, I found a reason to give him a fancy dog. And I really wanted to draw a pomeranian… so I did.

“A sedative for Mr. Moose”

Moose hunt

I made this illustration last week. It was printed in Dagen (Norwegian newspaper) today (June 4th 2013). It was made to illustrate a point being made in an article about the current debate about kosher slaughter in Norway.

The motif is rather hard to explain without context… Basically, the ritual slaughtering of animals is illegal according to Norwegian law, and Jewish people are forced to buy imported kosher meat. While they claim that kosher slaughter is better for the animals than industrial slaughter, the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance wants to keep the current law prohibiting the practice (having been in effect since 1929). Now, the Jewish community in Norway wants the law removed.

There are also laws that say that an animal has to be sedated before it is killed for food. However, there are a few exceptions. Game hunters and the Sámi (the indigenous people in the far northern area of Norway) are exempt from this rule. The debate in question has therefore raised a few issues; Is shooting an animal really a better way to kill it than performing a ritual slaughter? And (to exaggerate the point that laws should be equal for everyone), should game hunters be forced to sedate the game (in this case, a moose) before killing it?

Anyway, I made this humorous illustration based on a commission from the journalists on the case, and I just felt like I should try to explain the story behind it.

By the way, this is not the first time I’ve put up a drawing of a moose on this blog. The first one can be found here.

Guest comic time!

Quest - 'Boumeries' guest comic

My guest comic, “Quest”, was posted on the Boumeries webcomic today! I’ll just post it here too, but you should check out Boum’s site as well. She’s got a growing archive of funny comics. Among other things, video games (perhaps Zelda and RPG’s in particular) and toilets are recurring themes, which is why I decided to combine the two to make this strip.

I posted a teaser of this strip on Instagram and mentioned it in this post.