Top Three – Week #30

This is the second Top Three-post on my blog. With this, I want to share links to things that I’ve recently found that are either interesting, worth reading or just simply inspirational.

Caring201’s DeviantArt gallery (via ImagineFX) – Artist highlight
I found a link to this Deviantart artist in the April 2013 issue of ImagineFX. Caring201’s artwork is bright, colorful and very gorgeous. The snippet in ImagineFX mentioned that the sceneries are slightly similar to the ones in Studio Ghibli movies, and I quite agree. I highly recommend that you take a peek at this gallery, it’s bound to cheer you up!

Passion for comics fuels ‘Stripped’ documentary – Interview/article
An extensive interview in The Washington Post with the creators of ‘Stripped’, a documentary about comics that has been four years in the making. Incidentally, ‘Stripped’ was the first Kickstarter-project that I backed, and I’m eagerly waiting to see the finished movie.

As the name implies, this blog is filled with backgrounds from various animes. They’re generally speaking pretty amazing and will make you go “Whoa” and “Ooooh” as you scroll down. The images are of a decent size and can be useful both as reference and inspiration.

(As you may have noticed, I forgot to post a Top Three last week. I hope to keep a more consistent schedule in the future).

Top three – Week #28

Here are some links to three things that I’ve recently found interesting. I’m sharing these because I want to get better and more consistent at reading blogs and articles about drawing and comics. Also, I thought maybe someone would appreciate the same stuff that I do.

Freelance FridayBlog posts by Sally Jane Thompson
An ongoing series with very thorough advice on how to do freelance work. There are several tips for job hunting and how to handle communication with a potential client, etc. The most recent post was published today, and is about copyright and licensing.
(intro, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4…)

The Webcomics HandbookKickstarter project by Brad Guigar
A Kickstarter project to publish “The Webcomics Handbook”, the sequel to the book “How to make webcomics” by Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar, Kris Straub and Dave Kellett. I’m currently reading and enjoying the latter, so I’m most definitely going to get this book too. As of writing this, there’s less than a week left, so anyone interested in backing the project should hurry!

How to keep a sketchbookBlog post by Chad Townsend
A very nice writeup about how to use a sketchbook to its fullest potential. A few advice on which tools to use, including some thoughts and ideas about what to draw to challenge yourself creatively.

Quick pixel art avatar


I was asked by @gamleskolen to make a pixel art avatar for him. He requested it to be in the same style as the avatar that I’m currently using on Twitter and OpenID (for commenting on blogs and such). After making the finished image, which is almost identical to the first frame in the gif above, I decided to play around with facial expressions and animation. In short, the above is the result of a quick experiment with pixel art animation.

Every time I dabble with pixel art, I get slightly hooked on it. I’ve previously made this little silly dance cycle, and I want to do more animated stuff in the future.

A contemporary Ivar Aasen

Halfway through March this year, I did a front-page illustration that looked like this. The person in front is supposed to look like Ivar Aasen, the man who constructed Nynorsk, one of Norway’s two official languages. Before starting on the real cover, I drew a handful of preparatory sketches to study and simplify his facial features. The image below is based on the sketch that I liked the most. I used a Pentel brush pen for the lines, a pen that I haven’t really started to learn how to use yet, even though I’ve had it for weeks. The colors and the background are a bit haphazardly added in Photoshop, but I think the result looks OK. I found the watercolor texture for the background for free at

Ivar Aasen WEB

In short, this is my interpretation of Ivar Aasen as a hipster-type person whose hobby is yo-yoing. Which also, incidentally, is one of my many hobbies (albeit a ‘sleeping’ hobby, which means I don’t spend a lot of time on it anymore).