The main characters from “Ciphers”

I had the pleasure of being the first featured artist in a series called “The Uprising”. It includes an interview where I talk about my influences and my favorite artists. Please check it out if you’re interested!

I’ve been working on a few character designs based on “Ciphers”, which is a sci-fi novel by Mary, the author of the very same blog I mentioned. Now, I could say that Mary is an aspiring writer, but that would be wrong, as she’s clearly way beyond the “aspiring” stage. “Ciphers” is a novel aimed at an audience in the 18-30 age bracket (New Adult), and the story revolves around Brid and Siph, a tomboyish linguist and half-alien guy with a considerable temper, respectively.

Brid and Siph

Mary is not only a proficient writer, she’s also worked as an English teaching assistant in Naju, South Korea, and is currently working and living in Osaka, Japan. There are several honest and vivid anecdotes from her experiences as an American abroad on her blog. She also blogs about everyday life, writing and her passion for language.

Drawing every day in October

 headphones-boyBoy with headphones (Oct. 6th)

Well, almost. I heard about this Inktober thing (#inktober on Twitter and Instagram), and I figured that I would give it a go. I started on October 3rd, and have been making one inked drawing every day now for four days in a row. I also decided not to play catch up just to get drawings in for the 1st and 2nd of the month… but I hope to keep it up from here with one drawing per day for the rest of the month. The drawings go up on my Instagram-account, and I also share a link to the image of the day via Twitter.

PS: I’m skipping Top Three this week. Maybe I’ll bring it back next week…


Spotted at Raptus 2013

Raptus cosplay

I drew these guys inspired by the cosplayers I saw at the Raptus Comics Festival 2013. Take note that this isn’t an accurate depiction of the persons wearing costumes, but rather just some of the characters that you could run into at the festival. From left; Jack Frost, Deadpool and Hatsune Miku. The only real similarity is that the guy portraying Jack Frost was walking around barefoot. A sign of real dedication, as the floor was probably cold and wet from the rain. Also, Deadpool was in fact wearing sneakers (which is not true to character, according to my limited knowledge).

I intended to draw a larger group of oddly paired characters, but that didn’t happen. In hindsight, I should’ve made them as small scale sketches, instead of going large with an A3 sized paper (the original drawing is about 24×24 cm). I used thin Pigma Micron fineliners for inking and Promarkers for coloring.