About me

I’m a geek with a sincere interest in visual creativity, comics and drawing. Some of my other interests include photography, cooking, coffee and video editing.

I’ve been into drawing since I was a teenager, but I ultimately chose an education in media production after high school. I studied Japanese for a couple of years after that, and spent one of them as an exchange student in Japan together with my lovely girlfriend. I also blogged about my experiences in Kyoto (Norwegian only).
I graduated fall 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in language from the University of Bergen in Norway.

I never went to school to learn how to draw, and I had close to zero professional training as an artist when I started this blog. Nonetheless, I am determined to get better at expressing myself artistically, and this blog will hopefully be a place to show progress in terms of creativity and skill.

What is “Invisible Paperclip”?
Invisible Paperclip is a blog where I mainly post drawings and thoughts on comics, storytelling and illustration. I also occasionally write reviews. Most of all, I want Invisible Paperclip to be a blog about visual creativity. That being said, these topics are by no means the only things I care about, so random blogposts are likely to pop up. In addition to that, I wish to have a place where I can showcase my own drawings, illustrations and comics. Think of it like an online sketchbook in the shape of a blog.

If I find something interesting relating to webcomics or drawing on the internet, I’m likely to share it on Twitter, so feel free to follow me. My username is @InvPaperclip.

I’m also on Instagram as invisiblepaperclip.

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