Hourly Comic Day 2015


I made some comics on Sunday, February 1st… and so did a lot of other people. If you’re wondering why, you can read about Hourly Comic Day here (not to be confused with 24 Hour Comic Day, which is also explained). In short, everyone goes about their day as usual, and every hour they document something that happened during that hour in one or more comic panels. Sarah McIntyre (illustrator and writer) also wrote about HCD here, and she provides some great examples of her own hourly comics.

If there’s one thing to earn from doing this annual “experiment”, it’s the sense of community one gets from participating. As an added bonus, there’s a lot of fun hourly comics to read, especially on Twitter with the hashtag #HourlyComicDay.

Sadly, I had to cheat a little bit with the timestamps on my comics, since I discovered today that I actually had skipped some of the hours. I had also left a panel blank, so I split that in two and drew those digitally. I also inked most of the comic yesterday and today, so I can’t say that I made all this in one day. Still, I’ve improved since last year (2014), and the year before (2013).

Anyway, enjoy! And please leave a comment with a link to your own hourly comics if you made some (ok, you don’t have to… but it would be awesome if you did).






PS: Here’s a collection of links to other people’s hourly comics:

Joe DecieDan BerryAudra FuruichiAlisa HarrisSarah McIntyre, Boum.

2 thoughts on “Hourly Comic Day 2015

  1. Enjoyed! (even knowing you “cheated” 🙂 Ha! What’s cheating, anyway? No such thing! Check out my HourlyComicDay at #pwyehuns! (Don’t have a blog yet. Considering which one to go w/ Wix, Weebly, or Foursquare (?))

  2. Missed it again…I’ve scheduled it for next year! This sounds a lot more doable than 24-Hour Comic Day. 😀
    Damn…your line work is so crisp! *makes notes* “For HCD ’16….thick lines…heavy borders…copy…” >_>

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