Mustache adventure

I usually trim my beard to keep it neat, but some time ago I just stopped and let it grow. My aim became (and still is) to get a nice, gentlemanly handlebar mustache. The result after one month is pretty self-explanatory…

By the way, sorry for not posting more often. I would really like to be more productive, and at least have one update every week. I will not go on about it, but wow… just one update in November? That’s way too low. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me if you’re a regular visitor on this “online comic sketchbook” and “artsy thoughts” blog of mine.

2 thoughts on “Mustache adventure

  1. Eg må sei eg e imponert øve streken og humoren – godt timet og med mykje sjarm. Syntes personlig skjegget va episk;)

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