Quick pixel art avatar


I was asked by @gamleskolen to make a pixel art avatar for him. He requested it to be in the same style as the avatar that I’m currently using on Twitter and OpenID (for commenting on blogs and such). After making the finished image, which is almost identical to the first frame in the gif above, I decided to play around with facial expressions and animation. In short, the above is the result of a quick experiment with pixel art animation.

Every time I dabble with pixel art, I get slightly hooked on it. I’ve previously made this little silly dance cycle, and I want to do more animated stuff in the future.

Sketchbook Sunday #16 – Moving pixels

Would you look at that, I managed to animate the pixel art portrait I made a couple of weeks ago! Doesn’t that coffee look good now?

This wasn’t actually what I was going to post today, but it’s kind of late now to start taking pictures and writing about my current “project”. In short, I’ve been trying to sketch a character design to be used in a very short comic story which I may or may not be making in the two weeks to come. The reason behind the “may or may not” is that the deadline is April 1st, and it remains to be seen if I can make something decent or not. I will try my best to publish updates and sketches along the road. Until next time, enjoy your coffee!