Sketchbook Sunday #4 – Not really a sketch

So, I haven’t been drawing a lot this week… But I made this small, simple illustration of a girl in a summery dress. I’m not quite sure what she’s trying to convey with that expression of hers. Maybe she’s saying “What… It’s winter now, you say?”.

I used Uni Pin Fineliners (mainly number 0.1  and 0.2, if I’m not mistaken), Letraset Promarkers and a bleed-proof paper called “Manga Art Paper”. Although being both cheap-looking and a brand that I’ve never heard of before, the paper worked very well with the markers. As usual, I’ve just photographed the drawing and boosted the contrast a bit in iPhoto. I just have to make sure that the area where I’m taking the photo is well lit. Works like a charm.

What should I draw next? Suggestions in the comments section are always welcome!