Hourly Comic Day 2014

Yesterday, February 1st , was Hourly Comic Day. Here are the comics I drew. If you’re interested, you could also check out the comics I did for Hourly Comic Day 2013.

Hourlies_01 Hourlies_02 Hourlies_03 Hourlies_04 Hourlies_05 Hourlies_06 Hourlies_07 Hourlies_08 Hourlies_09

That’s it! Thank you reading! Not too exciting, but it was fun (and exhausting) to draw. Shoutout to Matt Cummings (@EiffelArt), who got included in the comic through that sneaky tweet.

Update: Here are some of my favorites from Hourly Comic Day 2014. I definitely recommend checking them out!


Big dog


I might have exaggerated the size of the dog a little bit. I drew it like this because the sheer size of the Malamute breed fascinates me. For the record, I’ve used reference from here to draw my “new” friend. This is purely fictional by the way… However it would be cool to meet a huge dog like this.

I used to be pretty reluctant when it comes to greeting dogs, especially the big ones, but lately I’ve become more fascinated by dogs in general.

WIP – Collaboration comic

Fellow artist and friend, Mariann Eriksen, colored the half-finished comic I posted before. I think the result is awesome. The coloring generally makes it much more interesting to look at, and her choice of bright colors and subtle shading is very energetic. I can recommend visiting her blog, MREdesign, where she shows off her creativity in many different ways. Among other things, she’s making a cute and charming children’s book about “Howard the duck”.

Colored WIP comic

I spliced the two pages so that it’s easier to get an overall feel of the coloring (click the image to view it in full size). It might look a little weird, but that’s because there’s supposed to be six panels per page, and the last two on the second page were intentionally left blank. It has been a couple of weeks since I sat down to draw this comic, and seeing it again now makes me want to draw a lot more comics!