Sketchbook Sunday #12 – Vexed hipster

Annoyed hipster is annoyed. He clearly disapproves of your taste in music.

I have to remember to take notes whenever I use my Promarkers, so that I can get the color scheme right if I want to draw the same character again. The lines were made with the usual Uni Pin fineliners. I used Letraset Bleedproof Marker pad paper, which works very well with Promarkers. However, the paper is only 70 g/m², so it feels a bit flimsy and thin. But I guess that’s normal with this kind of marker-proof paper…

Sketchbook Sunday #11 – WIP comic

These are not exactly sketches, but it’s nonetheless a work in progress-thing, so I thought I’d share it here. You could call it an experiment in making comics, and it’s the first time in a long time I’ve actually made a decent effort in that. I sent these two pages + a blank page to an artsy friend of mine. It’s worth mentioning that he didn’t know about this, so you might say I’ve challenged him to continue the story where I left off. I’ve also got to point out that the character you can see here is myself, and that I’m breaking the fourth wall right off the bat in the first panel. This is due to it actually being a letter in comic-form to my friend, which is also part of the reason why I’ve removed the text (well, most of it anyway). Don’t worry, we’ll add the text when the project is finished.

I’ve used Deleter brand manga-paper. I found the pre-printed rulers to be extremely handy when making panel borders and guides for the text. By the way, I posted a WIP photo on Instagram, just for fun. Inking was done with Uni Pin fineliners, sizes 0.05 to 0.8. I usually sketched the different panels on a separate sheet of paper, before tracing the finished sketches onto the manga paper. I’ve also included an homage to a Norwegian cartoonist I know in person, because he commented very nice things on the Instagram WIP photo. That is all! Comments and critique are very welcome in the comments section!