Missing something?

Packing clothes and bringing a bunch of presents home for the Christmas holiday is a hassle, and it seems you always manage to forget something. In this case, I forgot something to protect my head and hands from the cold, even though I knew it was freezing outside. Forgetful or just plain stupid, you decide…

I drew the sketch for this comic on the ferry on the way home for Christmas with my girlfriend. It’s a bit unchronological to post this now, since it’s partly Holiday-themed, but hey, it’s an update!

Mustache adventure

I usually trim my beard to keep it neat, but some time ago I just stopped and let it grow. My aim became (and still is) to get a nice, gentlemanly handlebar mustache. The result after one month is pretty self-explanatory…

By the way, sorry for not posting more often. I would really like to be more productive, and at least have one update every week. I will not go on about it, but wow… just one update in November? That’s way too low. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me if you’re a regular visitor on this “online comic sketchbook” and “artsy thoughts” blog of mine.


I’ve been neglecting journal comics for a while. It’s too bad, because short, everyday stories like this one is something I should be able to make on a regular basis. I should also get an appointment for a haircut.

If you want to check out my previous journal updates, you can check out How to catch a crane fly, Meet the baby and Once every 2.5 years. My penchant for organization says that I should make some kind of system to keep track of these… Anyone got some tips for a wannabe webcartoonist? I guess one way is to use/link to the Journal Comics category

Once every 2.5 years

Believe it or not, I got a fax yesterday! It has actually happened twice this year, and it just baffles me that some people send faxes rather than e-mails (granted, they might be elderly people that have never used a “computer”, or have never set a foot in the “internets”). The math behind the title is this: Since I started working at my part time job five years ago, I’ve only recieved a fax from someone twice.

As I’ve mentioned briefly before, I work part time at a national newspaper. At the moment, it’s my full-time summer job, and it consists mainly of editing text and images received by way of e-mail or regular mail, and working with page layout. If someone wants to wish their kid or grandkid “Happy Birthday”, show their photographic skills in the “Snapshot of the day” category, or if someone wants to announce their marriage etc., they send their stuff to me. I also work with the regular, news-related pages. But the aforementioned job is my main focus, simply because it takes a while to organize and puzzle everything together.

Okay, I’ve bored you enough already, but I’ll give you a quick, technical explanation of my “process”. This comic was created on a smaller size of paper than usual, namely a generic A6 notepad. I drew it purely with a blue Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4 gel pen, with no underdrawing or sketch. I actually drew most of the first panel before the fax-thing happened, kind of like a “At work” self portrait. You’ll notice also that the borders of the second and third panels are ruled (with a make shift ruler made of folded paper, mind you), while the first panel border is drawn freehand. I know there are some anatomical wierdness going on, and I noticed now that I’ve forgotten the eyebrow in the last panel. However, it doesn’t have to be perfect, right?

Meet the baby

Here’s my second journal comic. I hope it makes sense (it was funny in my head at least). It changed a little from my original idea in the drawing process, but that’s how cartooning is I guess. I can’t guarantee that this is exactly how the conversation went, but I hope my friends will forgive any inaccuracies.

I kind of wanted to make it longer, but I found out that drawing five people around a restaurant table was a daunting and time-consuming task. It was difficult mostly because I had never drawn anything like this before, and partly because I was afraid that I couldn’t represent my friends correctly as cartoon characters. Again, I hope that they’ll forgive me.

Anyway, if you’d like to leave comment, please feel free to do so below. I really appreciate any kind of feedback.