Missing something?

Packing clothes and bringing a bunch of presents home for the Christmas holiday is a hassle, and it seems you always manage to forget something. In this case, I forgot something to protect my head and hands from the cold, even though I knew it was freezing outside. Forgetful or just plain stupid, you decide…

I drew the sketch for this comic on the ferry on the way home for Christmas with my girlfriend. It’s a bit unchronological to post this now, since it’s partly Holiday-themed, but hey, it’s an update!

Study and travel blog illustration

A while ago (longer than I dare to admit), I promised a friend I would draw an illustration for her study and travelblog. It wasn’t supposed to be anything more specific than an eye-catching representation of what her blog was about.

I picked a few themes from Anette’s blog that were easy to illustrate, namely food, culture, modeling and travel. Now, these are not the only things you can read about should you wish to visit her blog. Anette has written a lot about her experiences as an exchange student in Japan, going to a lot of events and festivals, done a lot of sightseeing and she has also posted tons of great pictures!

In fact, I wish now that I had managed to make a more elaborate illustration that could tell a coherent story. But, since I’ve procrastinated this little project for so long already, I should just show what I’ve made. You can also get a glimpse of the process behind the illustration below.

Hint: You can click the image to visit Anette’s blog! Also, you can get a closer look of the image by clicking here.

Below is one of the first sketches I drew. I originally had a bigger portrait of Anette on the left side of these “icons”, but decided not to include it because it turned out to not look like her… Uh, yeah, perhaps I should practice my portraiture skills. Also, it looked too different style-wise.

I scanned the first sketch, made it bigger in Photoshop and the printed it out with pale blue lines. Then I inked the lineart based on the print-out. The result can be seen below.

I had planned to make the circles for the icons in PS, so they’re not inked here. I cleaned up the above image and used the lineart when coloring in PS. On the topic of color choices, I have to admit that I just figured out the palette as I went along. I ultimately went with a bright and simple color palette, avoiding bold shadows and heavy contrasts. Maybe that’s just my style?

Anyway, I’ll finish this process post with a closer look on one of the icons. This was actually one thing that Anette suggested I should include. She was chosen through a competition to be a Fuku Musume at a famous festival called Toka Ebisu. There are several posts on her blog about different events she attended, so it’s worth checking out!