Missing something?

Packing clothes and bringing a bunch of presents home for the Christmas holiday is a hassle, and it seems you always manage to forget something. In this case, I forgot something to protect my head and hands from the cold, even though I knew it was freezing outside. Forgetful or just plain stupid, you decide…

I drew the sketch for this comic on the ferry on the way home for Christmas with my girlfriend. It’s a bit unchronological to post this now, since it’s partly Holiday-themed, but hey, it’s an update!

Winter Cat #1

This year I spent the Christmas holiday with my girlfriend and her family at her mom’s place. There were three cats in the house, so I kept my camera at the ready just in case they acted cute. You know, cat photos are hard cash on teh internetz.

The cat in the photo is the smallest one. Apparently she thought it would be a great idea to wait for the birds at the feeding tray. To nobody’s surprise, the birds kept away as long as she sat there.

I shot this through a window at a distance, so it’s not as clear as it could’ve been. For this photo, the camera settings were 1/40 sec. exposure at F/11 and 200 ISO.