Top Three – Week #32

Hi there! With this ongoing “Top Three” blogposts, I want to share links to things on the internet that are either interesting, worth reading or just simply inspirational.

Vlogumentary trailerby ApprenticeA Productions
ApprenticeA, a Canadian video production company lead by Corey Vidal, has been working on this documentary about YouTubers for approximately half a year. I’ve been following the process on their daily vlog ApprenticeEh, and the amount of work they’ve done is amazing. I think that the upcoming documentary will capture the essence of what YouTube is, and what it means to make a career as a YouTube video creator.

The trailer premiered at VidCon 2013, which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, from August 1st to August 3rd. The executive producer of the movie is Shay Carl, who is also a very prolific and popular YouTuber.

Broodhollowby Kris Straub
Often funny, sometimes scary and always brilliant. This is a very nice horror webcomic by long time webcartoonist Kris Straub. My written words don’t do the brilliant storytelling and very crisp and clean artwork justice, so I’ll just recommend that you read it and see for yourself. Kris Straub has also created a hugely succesful Kickstarter to help get the first book printed and published.

Art Supplies: Everything I Use & Why – YouTube video by Mark Crilley
A very nice video about the art supplies that artist and comic creator Mark Crilley use. Very nicely presented and thorough, this video is a must-watch if you’re an art supplies geek like me. To speak the truth, I already knew about most of the drawing tools he usually use, but that might just be because I’ve watched a lot of Mark Crilley’s How to-videos (however, before now I didn’t know how his box of portable watercolors was magnificently splotched with layers upon layers of old paint).

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