Traditional Christmas comics

Christmas Eve is approaching, so I want to take a minute and share a tradition my family and I have kept as long as I can remember. On the 24th of December we would always have Christmas comics available for reading while waiting for the presents. I’m actually not sure if it’s solely a Norwegian tradition (perhaps it’s Scandinavian?), but in December every year there’ll be a wide range of different Christmas comics available. Most of them are made by Norwegian artists, but there are also a few made by Disney, among them are classical stories by Carl Barks.

The drawing style in the three comics pictured above is kind of old-fashioned and may not be a favorite of the younger kids. Nonetheless, reading these kind of seasonal comics are one of the best ways for me to get into the Christmas spirit. A delicious once-a-year dinner, good old Christmas movies on TV, snow, Christmas songs, being with family and reading these special comics…. This is Christmas to me.

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